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Destination ImagiNation, Inc. is an extraordinary non-profit organization that provides educational programs for students to learn and experience creativity, teamwork and problem solving. Every year, we reach 125,000 students across the U.S. and in more than 30 countries. Destination ImagiNation, our core program, is an educational program in which student teams solve open-ended Challenges and present their solutions at Tournaments. Teams are tested to think on their feet, work together and devise original solutions that satisfy the requirements of the Challenges. Participants gain more than just basic knowledge and skills—they learn to unleash their imaginations and take unique approaches to problem solving.

LaughingWe are just trying to make animals happy.  We will always be trying to get the community together for the cause...join today.

We will continue to do our best to raise awareness about pet adoption and to teach people about spaying an dneutering their pets.  Especially kids...we can relate to them!!!

About this blog

Let us hear from you ...we are fourth graders at PCA...where are you from?

Duffy is looking for a few good ...
volunteers and donators!!!!

Helping walk the dogs is part of the deal. Uniting us all for a cause we believe in...

Did you know?
Each day 10,000 humans are born in the U.S. - and each day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. As long as these birth rates exist, there will never be enough homes for all the animals. As a result, every year 4 to 6 million animals are euthanized because there are no homes for them.

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